Inspired Photo Shoot

I was approached by Ashley and Lori to collaborate on a styled photo shoot and was thrilled to be a part of this fun shoot, and couldn't wait to start developing a theme and color pallet!  We connected with some amazing vendors, developed friendships, and of course showcased our skills, products and services. My first … Continue reading Inspired Photo Shoot


#Hashtags – How To

With social media being a fairly large part of our lives, its important to "hashtag" photos to share not only your pictures with "the world" but also family and friends.  With so many family members living in other provinces, countries and even on different continents, social media is a great way to stay connected. How … Continue reading #Hashtags – How To

Roarin’ 20’s Wedding!

Last summer I had the absolute privilege to have met Jenny & Harlyn and help them with their wedding day.  They are such a sweet couple, and their personalities sure came through in their wedding. They had their ceremony and reception at The Met here in Winnipeg, and the venue certainly complimented their wedding theme.  … Continue reading Roarin’ 20’s Wedding!

Inspirational Photo Shoot

I recently had the privilege to work with some amazing local wedding vendors!  I organized an inspirational photo shoot to meet up with some local vendors, and have fun on a cold January Sunday.  I had a great time, helped out other vendors, and was able to push my creativity to the max! Here is … Continue reading Inspirational Photo Shoot

Winter Weddings

Now that winter is in full force in Manitoba, all the white glistening snow can really inspire a fantastic wedding theme!  There are actually a few benefits to getting married in the "off season" like December thru to March. Firstly, you could save a bit of money since there aren't many weddings in the chilly … Continue reading Winter Weddings

Eco-Friendly Wedding ideas

With everything happening in the world, and all the new products and ideas to lessen your carbon footprint, why not incorporate that into your Wedding Day? Here are some fun ideas! Limit your electricity consumption by using candle light!  Think of the amazing candle centerpieces you can create to set a romantic meal ambiance!   Use … Continue reading Eco-Friendly Wedding ideas