Children in your wedding party

There is nothing more special than having little children participate in your wedding.  They truly make for some adorable memories and photos. If you are planning on asking a young niece, nephew or even a friends child to carry your rings down the aisle, or walk ahead of you with flowers, here's a few tips … Continue reading Children in your wedding party


Creating a timeline

Weddings can be very stressful to plan, and I find couples struggle most with the logistics of their big day.  While as a certified wedding planner I do go into great detail with my timelines and itineraries... I understand the frustration and wondering where to start.  Let's break down the timeline, and go from there! … Continue reading Creating a timeline

You’re Engaged!!!! Part 2

We recently took a journey on the steps and order booking wedding vendors should take in Part 1 of You're Engaged. Lets take a look at the next steps you'll take when planning your big day!  Lights, camera, action!  It is important to meet with 2-3 different photographers within your price range.  This way you … Continue reading You’re Engaged!!!! Part 2

Bridal Party Etiquette

Courtesy of See Our Memories Wedding Photography It is an honor to be asked to be part of a couple's Wedding Party.  It is a way for the couple to include their nearest and dearest to be a part of their special day.  But, with the title comes a big responsibility.  You are there from … Continue reading Bridal Party Etiquette

Addressing Wedding Invites

Are you in the process of inviting guests to your wedding, but not sure how to correctly address the envelopes?   Check out this fabulous pictogram created by the wonderful ladies at WPIC!  Do you have etiquette questions about your wedding?  Contact us today!

Your Engaged!!! Part 1

  Being proposed to is the most exciting moment of your life.  Every story is as unique as each couple.  From surprise proposals, to planned out events... it is definitely a moment to cherish! Once you have gotten over the overwhelming feeling, and the surprise of it, it's time to start planning your perfect wedding.  … Continue reading Your Engaged!!! Part 1

Pin boutonnieres like a pro!

Boutonnieres sure make the basic black tuxedo look amazing!  Its a great way to tie in your wedding flowers to something small and masculine for your husband to wear on your wedding day. It's a wonderful way to acknowledge guests of honor, as well as the bridal party.  Did you know traditionally boutonniere's were placed … Continue reading Pin boutonnieres like a pro!