We do what we do for the love of weddings!

One of the may questions I am often asked when meeting with a new potential client is to talk about times when I have had to go above and beyond “the call of duty” (for lack of a better word) to ensure the wedding day runs smoothly.   Or to discuss issues that arose at a wedding I coordinated.

Now, no 2 weddings are the same and I do everything within my power to ensure the Bride and Groom never know of any mishaps on their day.  I pride myself in being discreet, honest and of course resourceful.  Now that wedding season is just around the corner I thought I would share some fun things I’m encountered and done for my couples.

  • I once had to create (that’s right, hand make)  bouquets and bouts for a wedding party, the morning of the wedding with the help of my lovely assistant and the Brides creative father.
  • W-JH-276Label and assemble wedding favors
  • Reattach a brides false lashes when the humidity was high and the glue would not stick
  • Assemble centerpieces
  • Create a toss bouquet from table arrangements
  • Work with the DJ to keep the reception going when a bride fell ill right after dinner
  • Set out and 250 wedding favors on a table, and move the table to the dance floor for a presentation line
  • Fix up 250 chair covers and sashes after a ceremony
  • Align 200+ chairs for a ceremony
  • Buy scoops for the candy buffet before the reception
  • Help guests find their place cards9774e-photo2b4
  • Be the “DJ” for a couples ceremony music
  • Reconfigure chairs when chair covers were dirty and damaged so the Bride and Groom wouldn’t notice
  • Ask guests to hold a tarp over a guitarist so his equipment didn’t get wet at the outdoor ceremony
  • Stock fridges and ice buckets when the bartenders were too swamped
  • Hung table cloths  behind the head table to cover a large steel door
  • Fix countless bustles that broke before the reception
  • Used a bedsheet to cover the license signing table
  • Had my assistant run out to buy more mix for a tented wedding

There is so much I have done – and would do again in a heartbeat.  Weddings are my passion and I make sure my clients day is as perfect as can be!


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