Implementing your theme

When you start planning your wedding, most brides turn to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.  But how do you transform dozens of wedding pin boards and thousands of pins into your wedding?

captureHere are a few tips to get you started on the right path:

  1. Look for inspiration.  When coming up with your wedding theme, think about activities or items that mean the world to both you and your fiancé.  Avid cyclists?  CaptureInclude bikes into your wedding.  Love to read or travel?  Those make great themes!  Share a love for cooking? There are so many ways to personalize your wedding to represent you as a couple.
  2. Create a mood board.  Once you have a theme in mind, it’s time to create a mood board.  These are great because they can be used to show your vendors what your vision is for your big day!  By showing them your board at a consultation they can get an understanding of what you are looking for and be inspired to create a one of a kind cake or bouquet for you.
  3. When creating a mood board, I use to create the perfect collage of inspiration.  They have amazing templates and its easy to use.  I typically start with an image that speaks to me, and build from there.  Try to pick 1 or 2 images that really show your vision.  Having different elemCaptureents portrayed is the best way to keep from an overly complicated mood board.
  4. Go with it.  Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a theme.  For me, I knew my colours would be brown and teal. And I was okay with just colors.  Then I stumbled across invitations at Michaels and my theme was born!  Love birds!  So, I used the graphic on all my stationary.  Created favor tags with a bird stamp.  And even our cake had the love birds on it!

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  When I put together a mood board, I start searching Pinterest for wedding ideas.  Once that image pops out at me and I can invasion a theme I go with it.  Start looking for other elements that would work perfectly for the theme.

Have questions about developing a theme, or need help creating a mood board?  Contact us today!  We’re happy to help!


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