A Day in the Life…

Weddings are a high energy – sometimes high stress day.  I love helping couples enjoy their day and take on all the worry so they enjoy their day!

Here’s a glimpse into a day in the life of a WPIC wedding planner from a wedding we coordinated this year:

We always start the day off with a good cup of coffee, a nutritious breakfast to keep us going and a few moments of peace and quiet.  I typically enjoy my coffee on our patio while I go through emails, touch base with vendors for the day – and of course check in with both Bride and Groom.


Once the car is loaded, emergency kits in tow, we head over to the reception site to do some set up.  This particular wedding had a lot of personal elements!  We arrived at the venue at 11:30 and started sorting out menu cards to be placed out, distributed place cards to each table based on the seating chart, set out wedding favors, made sure each place setting was looking flawless, prefect and inviting.  We fluffed up the centerpieces if they looked out of place, set up the guest book table, put balloons and signs out to direct guests… we even fixed up 100 chair covers and sashes!


About an hour and a half before ceremony start time we head over to the ceremony.  Here we set out any items that need to be set out.  Laid down an aisle runner, lined the runner with rose petals, rearranged some floral arrangements, put up signage and waited for the Bride and Groom to arrive!  Unfortunately I was only able to stay for half the ceremony as there was still set up that needed to be done!  So I left my trusty assistant to over see the ceremony and church clean up.

Back at the reception I finished finessing the linens, touched base with the banquet manager as we had to move cocktail hour inside due to torrential rain.  I also confirmed the timeline with the DJ and MC to make sure we were all on the same page.  We lit all the candles, did another once over to make sure everything was perfect for the guests.  Once the guests started to arrive it was quite chaotic.  It was down pouring outside and guests were soaked.  Cars were backed up dropping guests off at the door… and the limo had to maneuver to get the bride and groom as close to the canopy at possible.  Luckily I had my golf umbrella with me and ran out to meet the bride to bring her inside then went back from the groom and the mothers.  I was drenched… but I was glad the newlyweds were mostly dry!


During cocktail hour we did some final check ins with the manager, dj and helped the bride and groom freshen up for their grand entrance.  We ordered drinks for them to have with dinner and prepped them for their entrance.  Once dinner was served, and enjoyed it was time for speeches.  I checked in with the family giving toasts, then confirmed with the MC and DJ to start announcing the events.  Once the first dance and special dances were out of the way the clouds broke up and the sunset came through.  It was perfect for the couple to get amazing sunset photos on the golf course.

Of course no wedding goes without a hitch and unfortunately the bride’s bustle broke, so my assistant and I stitched up the bustle and cleaned out some of the grass and leaves from the layers of tulle and crinoline.


Once the cake was cut, and the coffee and tea was served it was party time!  The guests kept the dance floor bumping… and there was such a great energy in the room.  It was a treat to hear traditional Egyptian style music for guests to dance to!

Our evening ended with us collecting centerpieces and removing the flowers for guests to take home.  Unfortunately the oasis green foam was soaking wet so we needed to find a container of sorts to take these luscious flowers home.   My assistant thought of running to a nearby store for plastic shopping bags – which was brilliant!  Once all the centerpieces were safely packed away – we said farewell to the happy couple and the parents whom we’ve grown close with during the planning.

Once I got home I put on some comfy lounge clothes, made a cup of tea and told my husband all about the wedding.  He enjoys hearing about each of my weddings, and always asks if there was any issues.  Thankfully each “issue” can be resolved with a little elbow grease, some creativity and a clear head.



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