#Hashtags – How To

With social media being a fairly large part of our lives, its important to “hashtaghashtag” photos to share not only your pictures with “the world” but also family and friends.  With so many family members living in other provinces, countries and even on different continents, social media is a great way to stay connected.

How do you incorporate live photo sharing with guests?  Create your own personal #hashtag to allow guests to see and share special photos of your big day!  It also allows the Bride and Groom a glimpse at their guests experience at their #wedding.

What’s a hashtag?  It is the # sign that allows the poster to describe their photo for other users to find.  So as a user on say Instagram (my all time favorite social media platform) you can type in Wedding

and every photo that has been tagged with #wedding will come through your search!  Looking for a florist?  Search #weddingflowers!


A great way to separate “words” within the string of a hashtag is to use Capitals to start a new word #BrideAndGroom or #WinnipegWeddingPlanner .  They key is to remember that there are no spaces in a hashtag… so capitals make it easy for the user to read.  #WeddingReception is much easier on the eyes than #lookatmycrazylonghashtag.

How do you pick a hashtag?  it can be something simple like #JaneAndJohn or #JaneMarriedJohn or even #LastNameWeddingYear (#SmithWedding2017).  Be sure to check out your desired hashtag on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter so your wedding photos aren’t mixed in with other Jane and John weddings.

Also, let guests know there is a hashtag to use!  Print it on your programs, by the guest book table… even a little tent card on the guest tables would do the trick!

Something Turquoise.com

Need a little inspiration for your personalized hashtag?  Check out this neat website!  You enter in your names, and wedding date and it comes up with some pretty clever hashtags you can use!




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