Your Engaged!!! Part 3

We are rounding out our final tips on planning your wedding!  If you missed the first 2 posts, check out part 1 here, and part 2 here!

Smell the roses.  You will need to connect with your favorite florist to create your wedding flowers.  From choosing your wedding flowers, to selecting colors, fillers and shapes.  You will also need to select corsages and boutonnieres for your family members, bridal part and guests of honor.  You may choose to to hair flowers in your hair and at your ceremony.  A lot of arrangements can be dual purpose at the ceremony and reception.  There are also a lot of great options for silk flower bouquets too!

Drink, Eat, Be merry Once you have an idea on your guest list, you will need to meet with your reception venue to pick out your meal and bar options.  Most hotels do not allow outside food, so you will need to pick from their menu.  If you are bringing food in, you will need to research and hire a caterer to feed your guests.  You will also need to decide what type of meal service you would like for your guests.

Let’s ride!  Hiring a professional car service to get you and your bridal party from home, to church, photos to reception is a great way to keep stress down.  You won’t have to worry about parking, bridal party getting split up, or getting lost.  Limos are the perfect way to arrive in style!

Theme, Style, Decor.  Choosing linens, colors, accents and design can be a very fun yet stressful task.  Do you use linens provided by the venue, or do you rent them from a company.  Do they have the colors you want?  All the elements you select to plan your wedding come together to showcase your theme.

Details, Details, Details.  Make sure you don’t overlook the small items when planning your big day.  You’ll need to select a cake cutting set for your cake cutting.  Guest books are important to remember who came out to celebrate.  There are so many neat and customized items out there.  I once went to a wedding and the couple had a puzzle for their guest book!  Thanking the guests for attending with a take away is a brilliant way to share something you love as a couple – macaroons, oils, candles, matches… the options are endless!


Want more advice, or assistance planning your special day?  Feel free to visit our website, and contact us!


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