Cherished Memories

While planning your wedding is a very exciting time, it can make it difficult knowing your loved ones who have passed away aren’t able to be there to celebrate with you.  Take great comfort knowing that your departed family members are there in spirit, and celebrating with you.

Here are a few of our tips to include their memory in your special day:

Memory candles are a great way to remember family members.  You can buy beautiful candle holders to light on the alter, signing table or guest book table.  Why not make it dual purpose and use it for both ceremony and reception?  Here’s one of our favorite candles

Bouquet charms offer a personalized way to acknowledge family on your wedding day.  This allows you keep a photo of your loved one with you all day.  You can further personalize it with a ribbon in their favorite color.  This is what I actually did on my bouquet.  I had a photo of my Grandfather attached with his favorite colored ribbon – red!  You could also do the same with a small photo on the Groom’s boutonniere!


Memory tables can provide a special way to display wedding photos, family photos or portraits of departed family for guests to remember them on your special day.  You can really add style and personality to the table by adding favorite poems in a frame along with candles and rose petals.

If it is a close family member like a Grandparent, you could place a “reserved for …” sign on a seat in the first row – where they would have been seated –  and place a single white rose on the seat.

Subtle ways to remember family members could include playing their favorite song at your reception, include their favorite poem in your ceremony, you could even include said poem in your program!  The options are endless!

Contact us to see how we can help add those special touches to your wedding!



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