Children in your wedding party

There is nothing more special than having little children participate in your wedding.  They truly make for some adorable memories and photos.

If you are planning on asking a young niece, nephew or even a friends child to carry your rings down the aisle, or walk ahead of you with flowers, here’s a few tips we have to make their experience memorable and positive:

  1. Have their parents sit near the front of the ceremony to coax them down the aisle
  2. Having the children’s parents in the front row allows the kids to be able to sit with their Mom or Dad when they get tired or restless standing with the
    Brad Pretula Photography

    bridal party

  3. Have the ring bearer and flower girl walk together if they already know each other and are comfortable together
  4. Have a member of the bridal party walk with the little ones.  It makes for great photos.
  5. Entice them with candy at the end of the aisle (of course ask Mom and Dad first.
  6. Be prepared to deal with some emotional or uncooperative young’ns.  With all the excitement and nerves it can sometimes be to much for them.
  7. Be sure to include them in as much of the preparation as possible.  Have them attend the rehearsal to see how they do with walking and taking direction.


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