What can a Wedding Planner do for you?

Planning your wedding can be a lot of stress.  Naturally your family, your partner and you will have different ideas and desires for your dream wedding.  There is a lot of pressure as a couple to make sure you have a flawless day.

It is only cusBlaireBrocktomary to want to have a perfectly planned day; and to have nothing go wrong.  But, things do happen and some of it is out of your control.  Who could foresee Uncle Bob having too much wine and give a rambling embarrassing speech?  Who would know how to cut him off politely?  Did your Maid of Honor forget her speech on her nightstand?  How are you going to provide a copy, or collect it when the reception is in full swing?

Here is just a small sampling of what I can do for you as a certified wedding planner!  Don’t let the title fool you!  We do this and so much more for our couples!  We want you to enjoy your day, as it goes by so fast!

  • Relieving the couple and family of the stresses of the day
  • Assist photographers capture the important moments in the day, and to provide a list of “must have” shot
  • Carry a bridal kit for the couple and wedding party’s disposal (advil, sewing kit, atomizer, first aid kit)
  • Recommend vendors based on your budget and criteria
  • Ensure the day runs smoothly and on time
  • Be in attendance at the rehearsal, or organize it if need beW-JH-295
  • Help you bring your visions and ideas into reality
  • Assist the Groom and Groomsmen with boutonnieres and do a final look over to ensure there is no dirt or lint on the tuxedos or shoes
  • Fluff the train and give a final check before the Bride walks down the aisle
  • Assist with table setup, seating and room layout and set up of decor elements
  • Have copies of all speeches, toasts and contracts on hand
  • Ensure pew markers, candles and programs are ready for the ceremony
  • Supervise the storage and safety of the presents and presentation box
  • Ensure items are removed from the reception site (guestbook, gifts, etc) are stored in the bridal room, or designated family members vehicle for transport
  • Collect ceremony décor and transport them to the reception hall
  • Try to resolve family conflict and to keep the peace amongst family
  • Supervise photos and ensure the gown is clean and in place, nothing is tucked in or not laying as it should, ensure hair is in place, and flowers are looking fresh, and to ensure the bridal party is hydrated
  • Connect with your vendors to ensure nothing is forgotten
  • Act as the go-between with your DJ, MC, Banquet Manager to stay on time
  • Set up final décor elements and to ensure the ceremony and recepIMG_4066tion rooms are set up according to your specifications
  • Assist with creating a budget, and keeping the purchases within budget
  • Assist with creating a timeline for the Wedding day
  • Bustle the wedding gown, fix any rips, straps or any garment mishaps
  • Assist and provide guidance for etiquette
  • Be the “go to” person should something go wrong
  • Ensure the guests and comfortable and taken care of

Our goal is to provide an enjoyable and stress free day for the couple and family.  After all the hard work in planning your Wedding, its time for you to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour!2501Wedding

Visit us at www.likeastarweddings.ca!



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