Tented Weddings

With wedding season in full swing, and couples opting to host weddings on their property (or the property of a family members) it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of gorgeous scenery, the beautiful weather, and let’s not forget dancing under the stars.

There’s a lot of small elements and details that go into planning a “backyard” wedding that might actually surprise you!
1) prepping the yard.  Yep, you or your family will need to make sure the yard is ready for a wedding.  This would include cutting the grass, tending to flowers, making sure there is a level space to set up the tent, dance floor and even ceremony space.  Of course with summers like we have in Winnipeg, it’s not a bad idea to fog for mosquitoes.  Especially if you are out of the city.
2) Food.  You’ll need to find a caterer who will come out to your home.  Make sure they provide the servers, and cake cutting.  Be sure to check to see what else they provide (such as plates, cutlery, wine glasses) and make a list of items you will need to order on your own.
3) Drinks.  Since the wedding it taking place on your property, you do not require a liquor permit.  However, it is a VERY wise idea to hire a bartending service who will come out, monitor the liqour consumption to guests aren’t helping themselves to those strong triples.  They will make sure guests are taken care of, but not over indulging.  Also having a lot of water is key to keeping guests comfortable.  I suggest 2-3 water bottles per guest.

4) A Gofer.  No, you don’t need to hire a cute furry gofer… but it would be wise to have a sober contact who can do a quick run if you need more ice, mix, cups or heaven forbid, booze.  

5) Loos.  I’m sure you can appreciate your hosts don’t want 150+ guests running throughout their home to use their washrooms.  Porta-potties are a must.  Make sure they are located near the celebration site… but far enough away to offer some privacy.  I suggest also having some sort of lights around the area so guests can find their way in the late night hours.  Since they aren’t very glamorous, you may want to consider some “girly” supply baskets with bobby pins, spray deodorant, lotions, and even feminine products.  

6) Power.  Make sure you have power sources readily available for your DJ, sound systems, lights, and fans.  It’s a good idea to keep cords under mats so no one trips.  And if you can, have fans for the tent.  With our temps hitting the high 20s to mid 30s cooling guests are priority.  

7) Back up your plans.  As much as every one wishes, hopes and prays for the perfect day and weather, you cant control or predict the weather.  So having a back up plan is a must.  Is there and alternate place for your ceremony?  do you have shelter for your food and bar? 

I think outdoor weddings are a great way to enjoy the warm weather and nature’s very own backdrop.  However, with the right precautions and planning you can plan the perfect outdoor wedding.  

Need some assistance or guidance with your tented wedding?  Feel free to visit our website, or send us an email!  We’d love to hear from you!

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