She Said “YES!” | A Winnipeg Proposal

Last month I was contacted by H to help him plan a proposal to his girlfriend.  I was so excited to help him plan the perfect romantic dinner for two.  They had been together for about a year, and he wanted to plan a surprise dinner and proposal.

H had great ideas to really make the evening a night to remember… a pianist there to play love songs, a private dinning room dinner, a romantic dinner for two, and gorgeous flowers in pinks and purples.  Of course the focal point of a stunning cake too.  Lets not forget candles, and a view.
I contacted Prairie 360, Winnipeg’s revolving restaurant, and Joy helped organize an amazing pianist, and set the perfect venue.  We used their Whiskey Lounge, which is on the 28th floor with a stunning view.  We had the piano moved in, and set the lighting and decor.
Little Flower Shop helped bring the inspiration photos H provided to life with gorgeous candle holders, vases, and rose petals.  Oh, and lets not forget that stunning cake topper Peggy made.  They sure made the cake table the focal point of the room.  It came together beautifully.
We devised a plan where H and Y would arrive at Prairie 360 and check in.  Of course their table was not ready yet, so they were asked to wait.  H took this opportunity to meet his videographer Jordan in the Piano Lounge to get fitted with a microphone.  
Once everything was in place, Steven started playing the piano.  H and Y were then escorted into the Whiskey Lounge as a relaxing place to wait while their table was being set up. To Y’s surprise, they walked into a room set for their special evening.  As soon as they walked in, H presented Y with a rose, as well as his proposal in front of the stunning cake.  
Below are a few pictures captured by BTL Wedding.  Be sure to check out my facebook page for more photos.  A HUGE shout out to the vendors who participated.  Be sure to check them out too!
Be sure to watch their video by JP Media Works here!
Amanda, WPICC
Certified Wedding Coordinator 


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