Vendor Spotlight: CanadInns Destination Transcona

This fall I had the opportunity to attend the CanadInns Destination Transcona for their open house.  It was a great evening and very enjoyable.

Another great room they offer is the “Coach” room.  It’s a smaller meeting room located with the hotel rooms on the main floor.  This is a great option for either bridal party to get ready as the room has its own bathroom, and a lot of space.  It can also be used before the reception to give the Bride, Groom, and bridal party a few minutes to regroup after photos and do any touch ups needed.

The hotel boasts several options for weddings and events.  There is The Oak bar which can be used for wedding socials, or fundraising.  They offer to host bud, spud and steaks.  Its a fantastic alternative to organizing a social as they take all the pressure off you.  You sell the tickets, and they do the rest!  It’s a great location and space for any time of fundraising too!  From windups, to charity events.  They can assist with it all!

For weddings they offer some pretty great options.  On the lower level of the hotel they have 3 banquet rooms (which are also elevator accessible) as well as a large foyer.  The rooms are decorated in trendy classic colours, and can suit any theme you have.  They offer several package choices for weddings so that you get everything you need for your big day!  The rooms are also able to divide so that you have the perfect sized room for your guests. 

The foyer on the lower level is a great alternative to hold your wedding ceremony.  Imagine coming down a gorgeous staircase and walking down the aisle.  The entrance alone would be breath taking, and make for some amazing photos!

If you are looking for a private area for a bridal shower or bachelor/bachelorette dinner, they have an annex that is located inside the Altos restaurant, but closed off from the public.  It’s a great space to enjoy a dinner out with the girls or guys.  And, after dinner you could head over to the Oak to celebrate. 

Make sure you contact Shawna for more information, and to see how she can help with your wedding, fundraising or event needs!

T 85050-image0012: (204) 222-9031 Ext: 3344

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