Take Pride Winnipeg! Gala | October 2014

I recently had the opportunity and privilege to work with Take Pride Winnipeg! for their fundraising gala held on October 2, 2014.

I met Tom Ethans who is the Executive Director for this amazing organization at a wedding I coordinated back in July 2014.  I was lucky to have been seated at his table and we got to talking.  He told me about his charity and that he was looking for centerpieces for their fundraising gala to be held in October.  I was more than willing to be a part of this and help out any way I could. 

So, the brain storming began and I came up with an idea for the centerpieces.  I had a fun craft night with some family and we decorated 18 mason jars for the gala dinner.  My cousin had even scoured the ditches for bulrush, and a farmer’s field for the wheat.  I think these jars turned out great, and fit the fall season perfectly. 

I contacted Anthony’s Florist Shoppe located in Beausejour, Manitoba to see if this was something they would like to participate in also.  They were more than generous donating their time, skill and flowers to fill the jars.  I picked up the completed centerpieces and they were amazing!  Stacey did such a great job with the colors, flowers and the overall look.  
I attended the Gala dinner which was held at the Winnipeg Assiniboine Park Zoo’s new Journey to Churchill exhibit.  It was part of the Sustainability Day at the zoo, and the Gala was put on by Take Pride Winnipeg! and MESDWG (Manitoba Education for Sustainable Development Working Group).  Funds raised went to these organizations, along with the Assiniboine Park Zoo.  

The dinner was held in the Tundra Grill restaurant which features windows all along the back wall, which gives you a view of the Polar Bear exhibit.  I was lucky to be seated along the window, near the edge of their exhibit.  This was where the bears were hanging out in their cave!

It was such an amazing experience having a delicious dinner donated by Sysco Winnipeg, Peak of the Market, Dunn-Rite Foods, and Banville & Jones Wine Co. and watching the Polar Bears roaming their new exhibit space. 

There was a great turn out, and I’m so grateful to have met Tom, and been able to be a part of this great cause!  I wish them much success, and hope to work with them again in the future.

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