Eph Apparel ~ Custom Suits

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Brett of Eph Apparel.  I was impressed from the moment I stepped into their store.  They have a waiting area with comfy seating, modern décor and a large TV which scrolls through all the custom suits they created for wedding parties.  From traditional, to fun customized suits and even light weight beach apparel.  Their walls display fully created jackets and shirts, as well as a display of ties.  They also have fabric samples in books to look through, as well as on the racks to give you a better idea on how the fabric would look and feel.

A custom suit is a great option opposed to renting a suit.  At a starting price point of $299, a custom suit is a great investment.  From a distance all the suits look uniform and the same, but it’s all in the details that set them all apart.
Brett walked me through the process of customizing a suit with the hundreds of options they offer their clients.  First they meet with the couple to get an idea on what they have in mind, and how they want their bridal party to look.   They then pick their suit options of a 2 piece or 3 piece suit as well as the style of suit.  From a modern fit, or a more casual fit, it is all made to fit like a glove for each member of the bridal party.
Once the style and fit is decided on, the fun truly begins.  You have several options for your suit fabrics.  From a conservative black, or a grey, blue or even pin stripped.  They have your every need and want covered.  You then get to add your own personal flair to your suit. From the lapel shape, to buttons, detailed stitching… the options are endless.
Once the suit foundation is selected and decided, the Groom and Groomsmen can add a little fun to their suit.  Eph Apparel offers a selection of suit lining with a lot of fabric options.  From your traditional style of liners, to paisley, striped or even plaid… there is a design to suit every one.  You can also have the inner suit pocket monogrammed with a name, initials, or even a nickname!  Making their suit a one of a kind!
Eph Apparel does go beyond and above to ensure every suit is created to fit every one like a glove.  With 20 measurements taken to ensure a customized fit, a 4 week (on average) turn around, to free shipping and delivery included in the price.  So even if 1 or 2 members of the bridal party live in another province, they can send their measurements to Eph Apparel, and have a suit made and shipped out to them.
Another great service Eph Apparel offers their clients is having a “guys night” at the store when you are having your groomsmen gathered to do their fittings.  Eph Apparel with put a game on the tv at their store and make a night out of it.  Of course if you have a large wedding party, Eph Apparel will also go to you for the measurements.  All around they put their clients first and ensure you are 100% happy with your suit before you leave the store.
And, Eph Apparel isn’t just for Wedding Parties… they also do custom fittings and measurements for business men and professionals.  And, they will even come out to your office of home to do measurements too.  They also offer custom dress shirts with endless customization options as well.
The capable and friendly staff will walk you through the whole process to keep you from feeling overwhelmed.
So, before you go and rent a tuxedo… give Eph Apparel a try!

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