Winter Weddings

Now that winter is in full force in Manitoba, all the white glistening snow can really inspire a fantastic wedding theme!  There are actually a few benefits to getting married in the “off season” like December thru to March.

Firstly, you could save a bit of money since there aren’t many weddings in the chilly months.  Most vendors charge a premium during the summer months.  You also could avoid the year or two wait list for some venues.

Secondly, what could be more amazing and heartfelt then getting married around Christmas when you want to celebrate and be with family, or even ringing in the New Year as a married couple!

Another bonus is that some venues can actually look better in the winter months.  Think about a golf course wedding.  All the windows showcase the beautiful snow and romantic winter wonderland outside while you are warm indoors.  If a venue has a fireplace, how great would that be to warm the room while enjoying the company of your guests. 
It also saves a bit of back and forth and headaches.  It lessens your chances of your favorite vendors getting booked and not available for your day.  You also don’t have to worry about rain, back up plans, and humidity.  You will be safely tucked into your reception venue!  There are a lot of great indoor photo locations as well!

Need theme advice for your Wedding Day or party?!  Feel free to contact me to make an appointment!

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