Budgeting Magic

After all the exciting celebrations about your engagement, you and your Fiance will sit down and figure out what your wedding budget will be, and who is contributing what.  It is important to discuss with your parents to see what they would like to contribute (if anything). Most couples save up and pay for their wedding all on their own. 

Here’s a quick and simple breakdown to guide you through your budget calculating! 



Flowers & Decorations~10% 



Other Expenses~10% 

Total 100% 

 Lets put this formula to use! The average cost of a wedding is $27,000 for an average of 144 guests in Canada, so we will break down this average budget! 

 Reception: $13,500 

The reception budget includes all aspects of the meal.  The food, the reception hall rental, corkage, bartending fees, alcohol, cake (and cake cutting fee), any rentals, gratuity, and the wedding consultant fees.

Music:  $ 2,700

This includes all your music needs!  From your dj at the reception, to the ceremony musician, bands and your cocktail hour music.

Flowers:  $2,700

 From your bouquet, to your bridesmaids bouquets, flower girl flowers, boutineers for the Groom, groomsmen, fathers, grandfathers, toss bouquet, corsages for the mothers, grandmothers, as well as any flowers to decorate the ceremony and reception site.

Photography:  $2,700

Your pictures capture your day, as well and perserve the memories of the most important day of your life.  This budget also includes the cost for photo albums, any add-ons such as the popular photobooth, engagement photos and a videographer.

Attire/Beauty: $2,700

Your wedding gown is going to be the most important desicion and purchase you will make involving your wedding.  Your gown, alterations, veil, shoes, jewelry, hair and make up, will also be taken into account with this budget.  The grooms tux rental, accessories such as cufflinks, shoes/socks if not included in the rental, and vest/tie will also be included in this budget too.

Other Expenses:  $2,700

This is for all the other items not mentioned above such as transportation, wedding favors, gifts for the bridal party and parents, rehearsal dinner, ceremony site fee, ceremony items, ring bearer pillow, marriage license, invitations, seating chart, postage, wedding rings, etc.

Once you have decided what you would like to spend on your wedding, or what you are able to spend, use the simple breakdown above!  

Any budget or planning questions?  Send me an email at amanda@likeastarweddings.ca

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