Wedding Etiquette 101

There is nothing more exciting than receiving a shower invitation in the mail.  It gives you a chance to congratulate the bride to be, select the perfect gift, and mingle with friends and family you may not have seen for a while.  But there is nothing more heartbreaking than being invited to a shower, and not the wedding itself.
Here are a few basic Wedding Etiquette tips to use when planning your wedding:
  • Only invite your wedding guests to your shower, engagement party, etc.  Ensure your Maid of Honor and both your mom and your future mother-in-law get a copy of the guest list to ensure there will be no hurt feelings.  There is nothing worse then attending a shower, presenting a gift, but not being invited to the Wedding.
  • Any guests who are over the age of 18 should be receiving their own invitation even if they still live at home.  Also, their significant other should be listed on the invitation as well.
  • Only send out 1 set of invitations.   Do not have a “back up” listing to fill in any declined responses.  If you plan on sending out 60 invitations, and 10 come back declined do not send out 10 more in hopes to fill your banquet room.
  • Do not include your gift registry information with your wedding invitation.  Gift suggestions should be through word of mouth by your bridal party and family.
Thank you note etiquette:
  • Shower thank you notes should be sent out within 2 weeks of your shower, and wedding thank you notes should be sent out within 3 months of your wedding day

  • Thank you cards should be written for each and every shower or wedding gift received.  It is unacceptable to not send out thank you cards… even if it is past the time line to send out your thank you, it is better to receive a thank you late, than to not receive one at all.
  • Thank you notes should be personalised, handwritten and include these 4 elements:
    • Thanking for the gift
    • Gift item (or monetary gift)
    • How you will utilize the gift, or what you love about it
    • Friendly closing (Thanks Again, Sincerely…)
  •  If you receive a group gift, each person in the group should have a thank you mailed out to them
  • Send a thank you card to any one who  helped you!  Family members who helped decorate, your cousin who said grace, the officiant that married you

Have any etiquette or general wedding questions?  Email me at!

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