Eco-Friendly Wedding ideas

With everything happening in the world, and all the new products and ideas to lessen your carbon footprint, why not incorporate that into your Wedding Day?

Here are some fun ideas!

  • Limit your electricity consumption by using candle light!  Think of the amazing candle centerpieces you can create to set a romantic meal ambiance!  
  • Use flowers you or a family member has grown in your centerpieces, or even your bouquet and boutonniere
  • Have your wedding ceremony and reception in the same location to reduce the gas consumption of all your guests
  •  Give your guests cute little succulent plants or evergreen saplings to take home and plant in honor of your special day.  Another great favor idea is beeswax candles, or donations to a green cause in lieu of favors.
  • Look for decor elements you can reuse, or donate to a friend or family member to use at their wedding
  • Have your Bridal Party wear suits or dresses they already own.  You can tie all the looks together with matching sashes, accessories and the bridal party members will be glad they are able to reuse their clothing 
  • Switch up your transportation!   Rent hybrid limos, or be daring and rent electric cars for your bridal party.  Or, if you are having a small intimate wedding, why not rent tandem bikes? 
  • Create fabulous centerpieces and give them away to some one at each table to take home and enjoy

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