Planning Agenda Options

When you are starting out on planning the most important day of your life, you don’t want to over look a single detail, forget something, or booking a vendor you aren’t sure of.  There are a few different ways to keep organized.
You can create your own planning book!  It’s really inexpensive, and unique to what you require from an organizer.  All you need is a binder (2 or 3 inch), a package of dividers to separate the different elements, some loose leaf sheets, and sheet protectors!  Sounds easy enough!  Once you label your dividers, you will be able to organize your research and vendor information.  You can also use the blank pages as your inspiration pages!  Cut out things you love from magazines, and paste them on the paper in the different categories.  You can keep contracts from hired vendors in the sheet protectors, as well as your theme swatches and samples.  This version gets your creative juices flowing!  There is so many great websites out there with vendor questions, time lines… everything you need is at your finger tips!
 Another alternative is to buy a wedding agenda suitable to your needs. I would suggest a smaller sized book that you can carry around in a purse so that you can jot down any ideas and questions you have.  The plus side to this idea is that they have everything separated for you, and has a standard set of questions to ask potential vendors, and a place to compare 3 or 4 similar vendors.  There may be pockets for swatches, contracts and business cards, but you can always keep the important documents at home in a safe place.   These books could also have a planning time line, hints and tips, and detailed listings on things you should do.
My favorite version is the file folders.  All you need is a plastic “envelope” style of file folder, and file folders (you can buy already made wedding planners like this).  This one is great because you can keep all your contracts together, any 
vendor information, inspiration pictures and ideas… and it is all labeled clearly for you.  Are you looking for the details of your venue contract?  Just take out that folder, and everything related to the venue will be at your finger tips.  Some of this style will also come with a wedding planning guide, with your comparison pages, and most of what you would find in an agenda.

One of the first purchases you make after getting engaged is a wedding planner book.  Take your time and really look at all the advantages you see, and disadvantages you could face (no room for notes or swatches).  The last thing you want is to have several planning books!  Take your time, and really look for something you love!

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