Searching for your wedding planner!

When you are planning your wedding and feel you need some guidance and help a wedding planner is the way to go!  Researching any vendor can be a daunting task, so here are a few things you may want to keep in mind during your search!

Online presence. When you are searching online for a wedding planner, the first thing you are probably going to do is Google, or do an online search for planners in your area.  There will probably be quite a few planners to consider and scope out, so here are a few questions you should ask yourself while you are just starting your search:

Do they have a professional easy to read website?  Are they active on social media? Do you like the weddings they have worked on in the past?  Do you feel a connection to their brand and them from their website? Does their website speak to you?

Education.  When looking at wedding planners you are going to want to make sure your wedding is in very capable hands.  Look to see if they have any education or credentials.  You will feel at ease knowing your wedding planner is education, certified and has the knowledge to help you with your wedding day.  The wedding industry is always changing so you are going to want someone who is up to date on trends and vendors.

Experience.  You may have been planning your wedding for years to create your perfect day.  You want to ensure the planner has experience with weddings similar to what you are planning.  If you are having a cultural wedding, you are going to want someone who has previous experience with your culture.  If your wedding is at a unique location, have they ever worked at that venue?  How many weddings have they planned, and does their style fit with your style and theme?

Once you have searched and selected 3 or 4 suitable choices, you will need to contact them either by emailing them or phoning them to set up an initial meeting.

Check back next week to find out more about what to expect at an initial meeting!

Megan & Dustyn: Married!

This summer I had the honor of working with Megan & Dustyn.  They were such a lovely couple, and I really enjoyed working with them both!  They had an amazing bridal party, fun personal touches added to their wedding, and a classic color pallet.  The flowers were done by a friend of the family, and the bride created the centerpieces too!  Her bouquet was stunning!

Megan and Dustyn also included Dustyn’s 2 young daughters into their ceremony to join their family as one.  It was a very special moment, and I don’t think there was a dry eye there!

Below are some pretty amazing photos from their special day!

Photography: Prairie & Pine Studios | Venue: St. Boniface Golf Club| Officiant: Turning Points | Coordination: Like a Star Weddings | DJ: Platinum Productions

A Day in the Life…

Weddings are a high energy – sometimes high stress day.  I love helping couples enjoy their day and take on all the worry so they enjoy their day!

Here’s a glimpse into a day in the life of a WPIC wedding planner from a wedding we coordinated this year:

We always start the day off with a good cup of coffee, a nutritious breakfast to keep us going and a few moments of peace and quiet.  I typically enjoy my coffee on our patio while I go through emails, touch base with vendors for the day – and of course check in with both Bride and Groom.


Once the car is loaded, emergency kits in tow, we head over to the reception site to do some set up.  This particular wedding had a lot of personal elements!  We arrived at the venue at 11:30 and started sorting out menu cards to be placed out, distributed place cards to each table based on the seating chart, set out wedding favors, made sure each place setting was looking flawless, prefect and inviting.  We fluffed up the centerpieces if they looked out of place, set up the guest book table, put balloons and signs out to direct guests… we even fixed up 100 chair covers and sashes!


About an hour and a half before ceremony start time we head over to the ceremony.  Here we set out any items that need to be set out.  Laid down an aisle runner, lined the runner with rose petals, rearranged some floral arrangements, put up signage and waited for the Bride and Groom to arrive!  Unfortunately I was only able to stay for half the ceremony as there was still set up that needed to be done!  So I left my trusty assistant to over see the ceremony and church clean up.

Back at the reception I finished finessing the linens, touched base with the banquet manager as we had to move cocktail hour inside due to torrential rain.  I also confirmed the timeline with the DJ and MC to make sure we were all on the same page.  We lit all the candles, did another once over to make sure everything was perfect for the guests.  Once the guests started to arrive it was quite chaotic.  It was down pouring outside and guests were soaked.  Cars were backed up dropping guests off at the door… and the limo had to maneuver to get the bride and groom as close to the canopy at possible.  Luckily I had my golf umbrella with me and ran out to meet the bride to bring her inside then went back from the groom and the mothers.  I was drenched… but I was glad the newlyweds were mostly dry!


During cocktail hour we did some final check ins with the manager, dj and helped the bride and groom freshen up for their grand entrance.  We ordered drinks for them to have with dinner and prepped them for their entrance.  Once dinner was served, and enjoyed it was time for speeches.  I checked in with the family giving toasts, then confirmed with the MC and DJ to start announcing the events.  Once the first dance and special dances were out of the way the clouds broke up and the sunset came through.  It was perfect for the couple to get amazing sunset photos on the golf course.

Of course no wedding goes without a hitch and unfortunately the bride’s bustle broke, so my assistant and I stitched up the bustle and cleaned out some of the grass and leaves from the layers of tulle and crinoline.


Once the cake was cut, and the coffee and tea was served it was party time!  The guests kept the dance floor bumping… and there was such a great energy in the room.  It was a treat to hear traditional Egyptian style music for guests to dance to!

Our evening ended with us collecting centerpieces and removing the flowers for guests to take home.  Unfortunately the oasis green foam was soaking wet so we needed to find a container of sorts to take these luscious flowers home.   My assistant thought of running to a nearby store for plastic shopping bags – which was brilliant!  Once all the centerpieces were safely packed away – we said farewell to the happy couple and the parents whom we’ve grown close with during the planning.

Once I got home I put on some comfy lounge clothes, made a cup of tea and told my husband all about the wedding.  He enjoys hearing about each of my weddings, and always asks if there was any issues.  Thankfully each “issue” can be resolved with a little elbow grease, some creativity and a clear head.


5 Tips for Finding a Venue for your Reception

Choosing the right venue for your wedding reception is one of the most important parts of the whole planning process. You want to make sure you choose a venue that’s going to accommodate both your needs, and the needs of your guests. Each venue is unique in what it offers whether it’s a hotel ballroom, legion, or a convention centre.

Before you start shopping around, here are five things to consider to help you with your quest.


First and foremost, you and your partner need to determine how much you’re willing and able to spend not only on renting the venue itself, but on food, audio visual needs, and miscellaneous décor. Some venues provide all of these items at an additional cost, so it’s good to have an estimate on each before diving in.



Choosing the right location is key! Is the venue close to where the ceremony was held? Is it close to the hotel where the majority of your guests are staying? Think about the travel time it’s going to take to get your guests from one location to the other. If your guests are drinkers, they won’t want to drive so consider the fact they might be taking a taxi or public transportation. For those who are going to drive, you need to ensure the venue you choose is equipped with enough parking to accommodate your guests.

Wheelchair accessibility is also a factor to consider. While the friends and family members you addressed your wedding invitations to might not be handicapable, their plus one might need that type of accessibility.



Of course you want to make sure the venue you choose can hold the capacity of your desired amount of guests, but there are a few other things to consider when it comes to the layout. Is there a private room for the bridal party to leave their personal belongings? Is there a space where you and your groom can wait in before you make your grand entrance? Will there be space for dancing? Is there a separate area for cocktails?

If you’re planning on having your reception in the same venue as your ceremony, you need to find out if there are two separate spaces to host each event, or if the venue staff has the capabilities to do a flip of the room in between.


Venue Equipment & Services

Some venues offer everything you need from linen rentals to catering, while others only offer the room itself. Find out exactly what the venue’s capabilities are and request a cost breakdown for each service or equipment they offer. You might think table and chairs are standard supplies a venue provides, but sometimes these items can only be used at an additional cost, or they need to be rented from an outside vendor.



Determining what your venue offers is important, but finding out what their restrictions are is just as crucial. Some venues don’t allow outside catering, or they only allow catering to be brought in by their own approved list of vendors. Some venues also don’t allow for food or baked goods to be brought in by an unlicensed establishment. If you’re planning on asking your aunt to make her famous homemade cupcakes for your dessert table, you’ll want to find out the logistics around it in advance.

Candles are another thing that some venues have restrictions around. If you’re planning on hosting your reception in a museum or an art gallery, there’s a good chance you’ll need to go with LED candles for your table décor. No flames allowed!

Now that you have a better idea about what you’re looking for and what questions need to be asked, choose at least three different venues that have your preferred reception dates available, and book a walk through with each facility for you and your groom to be.



#Hashtags – How To

With social media being a fairly large part of our lives, its important to “hashtaghashtag” photos to share not only your pictures with “the world” but also family and friends.  With so many family members living in other provinces, countries and even on different continents, social media is a great way to stay connected.

How do you incorporate live photo sharing with guests?  Create your own personal #hashtag to allow guests to see and share special photos of your big day!  It also allows the Bride and Groom a glimpse at their guests experience at their #wedding.

What’s a hashtag?  It is the # sign that allows the poster to describe their photo for other users to find.  So as a user on say Instagram (my all time favorite social media platform) you can type in Wedding

and every photo that has been tagged with #wedding will come through your search!  Looking for a florist?  Search #weddingflowers!


A great way to separate “words” within the string of a hashtag is to use Capitals to start a new word #BrideAndGroom or #WinnipegWeddingPlanner .  They key is to remember that there are no spaces in a hashtag… so capitals make it easy for the user to read.  #WeddingReception is much easier on the eyes than #lookatmycrazylonghashtag.

How do you pick a hashtag?  it can be something simple like #JaneAndJohn or #JaneMarriedJohn or even #LastNameWeddingYear (#SmithWedding2017).  Be sure to check out your desired hashtag on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter so your wedding photos aren’t mixed in with other Jane and John weddings.

Also, let guests know there is a hashtag to use!  Print it on your programs, by the guest book table… even a little tent card on the guest tables would do the trick!


Need a little inspiration for your personalized hashtag?  Check out this neat website!  You enter in your names, and wedding date and it comes up with some pretty clever hashtags you can use!



Your Engaged!!! Part 3

We are rounding out our final tips on planning your wedding!  If you missed the first 2 posts, check out part 1 here, and part 2 here!

Smell the roses.  You will need to connect with your favorite florist to create your wedding flowers.  From choosing your wedding flowers, to selecting colors, fillers and shapes.  You will also need to select corsages and boutonnieres for your family members, bridal part and guests of honor.  You may choose to to hair flowers in your hair and at your ceremony.  A lot of arrangements can be dual purpose at the ceremony and reception.  There are also a lot of great options for silk flower bouquets too!

Drink, Eat, Be merry Once you have an idea on your guest list, you will need to meet with your reception venue to pick out your meal and bar options.  Most hotels do not allow outside food, so you will need to pick from their menu.  If you are bringing food in, you will need to research and hire a caterer to feed your guests.  You will also need to decide what type of meal service you would like for your guests.

Let’s ride!  Hiring a professional car service to get you and your bridal party from home, to church, photos to reception is a great way to keep stress down.  You won’t have to worry about parking, bridal party getting split up, or getting lost.  Limos are the perfect way to arrive in style!

Theme, Style, Decor.  Choosing linens, colors, accents and design can be a very fun yet stressful task.  Do you use linens provided by the venue, or do you rent them from a company.  Do they have the colors you want?  All the elements you select to plan your wedding come together to showcase your theme.

Details, Details, Details.  Make sure you don’t overlook the small items when planning your big day.  You’ll need to select a cake cutting set for your cake cutting.  Guest books are important to remember who came out to celebrate.  There are so many neat and customized items out there.  I once went to a wedding and the couple had a puzzle for their guest book!  Thanking the guests for attending with a take away is a brilliant way to share something you love as a couple – macaroons, oils, candles, matches… the options are endless!


Want more advice, or assistance planning your special day?  Feel free to visit our website, and contact us!

Fun in the sun

A few weeks ago I met with the fun and talented Meghan at Blue Bird Creative to do some new head shots for my website.  While the weather was uncertain, finally the clouds broke, and the sun came out!  It actually turned out to be the nicest day of the week!

I met Meghan while coordinating the fun 1920’s wedding last summer.  We hit it off, and kept in touch.  I really liked her shooting style and her friendly nature.  It was like hanging out with a friend during the shoot!

We had a blast shooting at the St. Boniface Cathedral and it provided such a great background for photos.

I wanted to share a few of my favorites, which is hard to pick just a few!

If you’re looking for an easy going photographer with a sense of humor, who’s easy going and fun to hang around with – definitely check out Blue Bird Creative!  Tell them I sent you 😉